About Joyce Shupe

It is impossible to see the work of Joyce Shupe without being conscious of the sheer amount of painstaking labor that went into its creation. The oil-paint surfaces are built up slowly creating a low relief language of lines each occupying its own spatial arena. The paintings require the patience to look at them for more than two seconds and a baseline acceptance of "pure" abstraction from their viewers. Only after the commitment to look is fulfilled do these subtle objects give up their message.

Shupe is looking for transcendence; both for herself and her audience. The work is quite literally mesmerizing but with a shadow side, a side colored by the extremity of her obsession and the endless labor she is driven to perform. This is not "mere" beauty, it is something beyond surface, beyound the "pretty, the attractive, the creative." While the work can be enjoyed at the level of simple pleasure, the evidence of hard work makes it a great deal more substantial than "eye candy."

- Kathleen Whitney, Albuquerque, NM

Artist Statement

I paint a low relief language of parallel lines that represent the underlying order
of the cycle of life that hopefully continues in spite of whatever chaos mankind or nature creates.

The lines are obsessive in their insistence, soothing in their constancy,
mantra-like, a metaphor for continuum.